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06:26 14 Nov 23
All faculties are excellent, especially Rohan Sir, who always explains the topic in a way that can be understood even by non-commerce background.
Meenu SaxenaMeenu Saxena
13:13 09 Nov 23
I am taking coaching from Edumont classes, and this has turned out my best decision as Rohan Sir and other faculties, be it academic or administrative are truly exceptional. They take each and every student on priority. Rohan Sir is always there for me and his motivation works wonders. On the other side admin staff is very supportive and on track with all of their student. I am very happy to be a part of Edumont. Good Luck to everyone.
CA Mitali JainCA Mitali Jain
12:07 09 Nov 23
I attended Edumont classes for my CPA US and I must say they provide exceptional services right start from the prelim evaluation till end of CPA journey. Rohan sir got excellent teaching style which makes classes so attentive and knowledgeable. They are so proactive and approachable which makes the things smoother! Go for it!
Paavni NangiaPaavni Nangia
10:01 07 Nov 23
A highly supportive environment for each student who enrolls with Edumont. The faculty,admin and support staff always give their best shot to make sure their students excel in CPA exams. The faculty's teaching skills are really good,efforts are focused, and staff-student conversations are non-commercial, which made Edumont my first option for CPA Coaching.
12:54 05 Nov 23
I have taken coaching from Edumont classes and I believe that I have made it an absolutely great decision of making my journey of CPA with Edumont. Rohan Sir and other faculties are simply amazing. We need not shy away from asking questions in the live sessions even if it is a very simple one. Rohan sir personally looks into each case. He makes sure that we are on track. The other members of the team provides us with their amazing support and keeps following up with us. Regular updates are given over the WhatsApp group. I am really happy to be associated with Edumont.
06:52 05 Nov 23
My experience with Edumont has been truly exceptional. The instructors, including Paras sir and Rohan sir, are highly knowledgeable and skilled in their respective fields. What I like the most is how they provide real-time examples and practical applications, making it much easier to grasp complex concepts and saving valuable time on revisions. The availability of class recordings is a great resource, ensuring that missed live sessions can be caught up on and the OTB sessions are excellent for reinforcing what we've learned in the concept classes. Additionally, the support team has been consistently helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend Edumont Institute to anyone I know 👍🏻
Aashi MishraAashi Mishra
06:18 01 Dec 22
My experience with Edumont is very good. I can get all the support from faculty as well as from the whole Edumont team. Every time my query will be resolved on time and OTB sessions are quite useful for understanding the whole concept. So in all, it is a very good experience with Edumont.
Megha GolechhaMegha Golechha
13:53 30 Nov 22
Amazing and very effective sessions with focus on understanding basics which was what I was looking for and that is what is am receiving perfectly.
Manoj KumarManoj Kumar
13:17 30 Nov 22
"Excellent coaching for CPA. Many times in the live class I feel there are no doubts at all and that's the beauty of Edumont faculties and Rohan Sir is just Awesome. What I like the most is real-time examples with concepts and their practical implications which really helps to understand the concepts in one shot and saves our time in revising. Recordings of classes are really helpful when somehow a live class is missed. I also like your constructive way of teaching which is helpful in connecting to the concepts between the chapters. All good so far...i hope many more to come". Regards, Manoj Kumar
Anjali SharmaAnjali Sharma
12:51 26 Nov 22
EduMont has experienced faculty members, they all teach very well and also guide about examination strategy. Unlimited access to LMS and regular updates of class recordings help me to cover up missed topics before upcoming classes. Regular OTB sessions on Tuesday and Thursday help me to keep a track of my preparation, it helps me analysing my weak areas to work upon. Unlimited admin support on WhatsApp. Best institute to enroll for US CPA.
12:44 17 Nov 22
I have attended a seminar of Edumont LLP regarding CPA course and exams. Rohan sir was very informative and all of my doubts were cleared. His enthusiasm was really amazing. I have enrolled myself in CPA course with edumont LLP and they have been good with the counselling. Thanks to Saurabh sir as well.
Vamika SachdevaVamika Sachdeva
11:10 07 Nov 22
I have been regular in attending classes of Paras sir. His way of teaching is very encouraging and i like the zeal their faculty has. Also thanks to Mr. Sourabh who has guided me with the CPA process. Rohan sir has tremendous enthusiasm when it comes to teaching.
Ajitesh BhardwajAjitesh Bhardwaj
06:14 04 Nov 22
I have enrolled with Edumont LLP for CPA study and they have been really good with their services. Rohan sir has the best communication skills and I have never seen any professional teacher with such good speaking skills. I had connected with Mr. Mohit initially and he has been very supportive and helpful.I highly recommend Edumont LLP to all those who are looking for CPA education

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CPASalary In India

US CPA Exam and Syllabus

The Certified Public Accountant (US CPA) designation is a globally recognized accounting qualification that requires a deep understanding of a wide range of subjects in management accounting. With a US CPA certification, you can open the doors to a rewarding career in the field.

How We Teach ?

US CPA Classes at EduMont

US CPA Eligibility Criteria

Know About US CPA Credits

Generally :

  • Each year of university education = 30 credits
  • Every subject = 2.5-3 credits
  • Fully Eligible if you have Graduation + CA/CS/ICWA/MBA/PG Diploma
  • Only Graduates-Usually eligible for Exams if semester-wise Commerce Graduation with accounting.

Exceptions :

Candidates with 8+ subject specific credits of Accounting, Business, Economics can become eligible for Exams even with only 90 credits

Meeting the requirements of being a CPA

Although different state boards can have different requirements, there are 4 common requirements:

  • Clearing the Exams.
  • Having a minimum 150 Semester Hour Credits.
  • Having 1 year or more of work experience (pre or post qualification).
  • Clearing the Ethics Exam (not mandatory for all states).

The EduMont Academic team proactively guides you in navigating the rules and applying for a license, as soon as you clear the exam.

Check Your US CPA Eligibility

Total US CPA Exam Fees

Pursuing your US CPA certification opens doors to a world of opportunities and a rewarding career in finance and management. The cost of taking the US CPA exam is an important consideration in your journey to becoming a US CPA.

US CPA Exam Fees (constant for all providers) $ INR* Payable to
Evalution ( One Time Expense ) $ 225.00 ₹ 18,394 Evaluation
SBA Registration Fee( One Time Expense ) $ 170.00 ₹ 13,898 State Board Of
Exam Fee ( Total for all 4 Exams ) $ 952.00 ₹ 77,826 US CPA Central
NTS Application Fee ( One Time Expense ) $ 100.00 ₹ 8,175 US CPA Central
International Testing Fees ( Total for all 4 Exams ) $ 1,560.00 ₹ 1,27,530 US CPA Central
* Converted using exchanges rate as of 29-04-2023 ($1 = INR 81.75)
Total US CPA Expense $ 3,007.00 ₹ 2,45,822

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Evaluation Assistance
Free Experience Verification
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Qualified Full Time Faculty
In-House Placement Assistance
Placement Agency tie-ups
M***s Education
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Local Materials
High follow up time
S**d**r Education
High follow up time
Local Materials
Local Materials
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No Support faculty

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Frequently Asked Questions?

‘US CPA’ (Certified Public Accountant) is a highly sought-after designation because not only is it recognized in most countries around the globe - including the US, Canada and Australia but also because experienced US CPAs tend to climb the corporate ladder relatively easily due to the practical & industry-focused content of the US CPA curriculum.

The scope of US CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in India is primarily focused on international accounting and finance roles. US CPAs are sought after by multinational corporations, audit firms, and financial institutions operating in India for their expertise in U.S. GAAP and international accounting standards, as well as their ability to navigate complex financial regulations and compliance requirements.

US CPA Course has a usual run-time of 1 year i.e. 12 months for most people. If you are a full-time student, you may be able to complete the US CPA training & exams in less than a year. For working professionals who may not be able to dedicate study time on a daily basis, completing US CPA can take up to 18 Months or 1.5 years.

Starting Jan 1, 2024, the US CPA exam follows a 3+1 pattern i.e. 3 core subjects and 1 elective specialization. The core US CPA subjects are 1. AUDIT & ATTESTAION; 2. US TAX REGULATION & BUSINESS LAWS; 3. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING & REPORTING.

The average starting salary for US CPAs in India is INR 8-10 LPA, based on US CPA License Application status, location and employer.

US CPA Exams are on-demand and do not follow a fixed schedule. Exams are available all year round in India and you can be scheduled in any order on any day (except public holidays) based on your preferences and preparation level at a time slot of your choice.

US CPA Exams are conducted at Prometric Centres located in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Trivandrum, in India.

Yes, while our US CPA online course helps you understand the ins and outs of the exam, our academic team will also help you select a State Board of Accountancy most appropriate for you.

Yes, our online US CPA coaching trains you for all four exams - Audit, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Regulation, and Business Environment & Concepts. Moreover, our comprehensive US CPA USA course also comes with unlimited access to Wiley study material.

At EduMont, we offer you complete transparency in everything; be it information about the US CPA courseduration, US CPA exam fee, syllabus or the registration process.

The purpose of the US CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification is to ensure that professionals in accounting and finance possess the knowledge, skills, and ethical standards required for roles in auditing, financial reporting, taxation, and consulting. It signifies a high level of expertise, credibility, and adherence to professional standards in the field of accounting.

You can get access to the 2024 US CPA Syllabus and all the necessary updates on the US CPA Evolution Model at the NASBA & AICPA websites or simply google AICPA Exam Blueprints and download the pdf from official AICPA website.

EduMont provides comprehensive & interactive live CPA classes, quick doubt resolution, AICPA Approved CPA study materials with unlimited access and ‘Pass in 1 Attempt’ guarantee. All these features do not exist in the offering of any other Indian CPA Institute, making EduMont the uncontested best choice for students. Please refer to the comparative table above for a more comprehensive comparison.

AICPA Approved Study Materials are the best choice for students wanting to clear the US CPA Exam in 1 Attempt. Approved content goes thorough rigorous quality checks by AICPA and conform with the official US CPA Syllabus. AICPA Approved  content also auto updates with the latest topics once they are released and added to the US CPA syllabus by AICPA. There are only 5 Approved Study Materials: WILEY, ROGER’s/UWorld, Surgent, Beckers & Gliem, any other providers/names, are not approved by AICPA (no matter what they say or advertise). Please beware!

EduMont provides comprehensive & interactive live US CPA classes, quick doubt resolution, AICPA Approved US CPA study materials with unlimited access and ‘Pass in 1 Attempt’ guarantee. All these features do not exist in the offering of any other Indian US CPA Institute, making EduMont the uncontested best choice for students. Please refer to the comparative table above for a more comprehensive comparison.

EduMont provides comprehensive & interactive live US CPA classes, quick doubt resolution, AICPA Approved US CPA study materials with unlimited access and ‘Pass in 1 Attempt’ guarantee. All these features do not exist in the offering of any other Indian US CPA Institute, making EduMont the uncontested best choice for students. Please refer to the comparative table above for a more comprehensive comparison.

UWorld CPA Excel is an Approved US CPA Study Material, as is the Beckers US CPA Package & Review. Both have the similar content of equal quality. However, while Becker’s in India comes with limited access only, whereas UWorld comes with unlimited access as standard. This means with Beckers there are hidden charges for renewal fees everytime your access needs to be renewed. But with WILEY, you own the US CPA study materials till you become a US CPA, with no renewal fee/hidden charges and automatic over the air updates for future syllabus changes. Given these facts WILEY is clearly the wiser choice.

The following areas are serviceable at EduMont: US CPA classes in Delhi, US CPA classes in Noida, US CPA classes in Mumbai, US CPA classes in Pune, US CPA classes in Hyderabad, CPA classes in Ahmedabad, US CPA classes in Bangalore and all other major cities across India. Our students trust us for US CPA Coaching in Delhi, US CPA Coaching in Noida, US CPA Coaching in Mumbai, US CPA Coaching in Pune, US CPA Coaching in Hyderabad, US CPA Coaching in Ahmedabad, US CPA Coaching in Bangalore and all other major cities across India.

We are broadly regarded as the best CPA institute in Bangalore, best CPA institute in Ahmedabad, best CPA institute in Delhi, best CPA institute in Noida, best CPA institute in Chandigarh/Punjab, best CPA institute in Mumbai, best CPA institute in Pune, best CPA institute in Hyderabad, best CPA institute in Gurgaon and all other major cities across India.

The total cost of doing US CPA in India (including US CPA Registration Fees in India, AICPA Approved study materials, coaching and all the necessary US CPA Exam Fees) is INR 3,45,482. For a more detailed breakdown of the costs refer to the CPA Fee section above.

We are broadly regarded as the best US CPA institute in Bangalore, best CPA institute in Ahmedabad, best US CPA institute in Delhi, best US CPA institute in Noida, best US CPA institute in Chandigarh/Punjab, best US CPA institute in Mumbai, best US CPA institute in Pune, best US CPA institute in Hyderabad, best US CPA institute in Gurgaon and all other major cities across India.

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